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iniBuilds Releases Queenstown for XP11

Earlier released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, iniBuilds have this week released their well-received Queenstown Airport rendition also for X-Plane 11. Unfortunately, not much media attention was given to this new scenery variant in comparison with previous releases. The scenery was not even publicly announced to be in development prior to the release.

Putting that aside, the scenery promises the same qualities as the Microsoft Flight Simulator version offers. This is achieved by featuring hand-made ground polygons, hand-placed vegetation, and true-to-life airport landside recreation.

All this results in the developers commenting, with confidence, that this scenery is their most-scenic creation to date. On the other hand, to be fully transparent, it is their first payware scenery release for the platform.

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The feature list also does not detail every aspect of the scenery. As we can see above in the previews, the scenery also takes advantage of at least partially modelled interiors and custom static ground equipment.

You can purchase the scenery through the website of iniBuilds for 11.99 GBP, or around €13 with taxes excluded. If you already have the Microsoft Flight Simulator variant on your profile, you are eligible for an extra 10% discount if you use code “NZQN-XP11” at the checkout.

Queenstown Airport (NZQN) is an international airport serving the resort town of Queenstown on the southern island of New Zealand. It is the fourth busiest airport in New Zealand by passenger traffic.

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The airport is located nearby a mountainous region allowing a very scenic approach and departures. The runway is also narrower and shorter than normal making it also a difficult airport to land in, especially when this factor is combined together with the nearby mountainous region.

Feature list

  • Hand-made ground polygons with crisp, bespoke texture sets (Runways, aprons, paths, roads)
  • Main airport terminal interior with lighting and custom objects and hand-corrected 30cm/px satellite imagery
  • True-to-life airport land side recreation with custom ground decals, signposts, vegetation, parking barriers and more
  • Hand-placed, high-definition vegetation, signage, ground clutter, vehicles, handling objects and more which have been custom-modelled in house by the iniScene team
  • Bespoke taxi signage as it is in the real world
  • Over 50 individual custom made airport and surrounding buildings to a high level of detail

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