IniBuilds Releases Their First Heliport Scenery

IniBuilds has recently released their first heliport scenery of Hooper Heliport (58CA). It is located in California, in downtown Los Angeles, to be exact. The developer announced the release through their social media and website.

Hooper Heliport is located on the roof of the C. Erwin Piper Technical Centre building, and it is the world’s largest rooftop heliport. This heliport is surrounded by many obstacles. These are making the approach a little more challenging.

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The scenery offers not only the heliport and the building it’s on, though. The developer also modelled the Union Station, Metro HQ with its helipad, as well as two freeway bridges. Moreover, there are 16 spawn points around the scenery, active windsocks, flags, and more.


  • Highly detailed representation of Hooper Heliport, complete with 2 helipads (runway starts). 16 parking places (spawn points), detailed clutter, active windsocks/flags etc.
  •  Cesar Chavez and San Bernadino Fwy Bridges (fly under and landable)
  •  Metro HQ building with a helipad
  •  Recreation of the adjacent railyard and train carriages
  •  Union Station modelled
  •  Obstacles around the Heliport modelled
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If you’d like to get this scenery, you can do so through the IniBuilds page for approximately €5.88. The price stated is without VAT. To learn more about IniBuilds and their work, you can read our other article here.

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