iniBuilds Releases Updates for A300 and BelugaST (XP11)

iniBuilds have recently released minor updates for their renditions of an Airbus A300 and a BelugaST, both for X-Plane 11. Released just with a two hour separation between them, both updates can already be downloaded through the iniBuilds store.

BelugaST – v1.02

Bringing the aircraft to version 1.02, this is already the second update released for the aircraft this month. While it is not a major update featuring a ton of new features, it fixes a wheel chock bug, fixes a jammed cargo door in certain scenarios, adjusts wing-flex on the rightwing, and fixes master caution animation bug.

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A complete aircraft reinstallation is required for this update. If you don’t have the aircraft and would like to purchase it, you can do so through the iniBuilds Store for approximately €52.50 with VAT excluded.

If you want to read and learn more about the BelugaST development, it is recommended to read through our iniBuilds archive here.

A300 – v1.13

Being a significantly smaller update than the one BelugaST rendition received, the A300’s update to version 1.13 brings only fixes to the latest AIRAC 2103 cycle and additionally ensures compatibility of future cycle updates with the aircraft.

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As well as with the BelugaST, the update requires a complete aircraft reinstall. If you would like to purchase the aircraft, you can do so through the iniBuilds Store for approximately €81.70 with VAT excluded.


BelugaST – v1.02

  • Wheel chock bug fixed
  • Jammed cargo door in certain scenarios fixed
  • Wing-flex adjustment on right wing
  • Master caution animation bug fixed

A300 – v1.13

  • Fixed incompatibility with 2103 AIRAC cycle
  • Fixes to ensure compatibility with future AIRAC cycle updates
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