iniBuilds Shares A310 Preview from MSFS

Through their Facebook group, Ubaid from iniBuilds has shared a new preview showcasing the much-awaited Airbus A310 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The iniBuilds A310 for Microsoft Flight Simulator could be in the list of one of the most awaited aircraft addons for the platform among the PMDG 737NG3 or Fenix Simulations A320.

The single preview showcases a small part of the flight deck with the distinctive analogue instruments. The lighting conditions also pleasingly highlight the amount of detail in the PBR textures.

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While no new information was unveiled on the expected release date and pricing, Ubaid has confirmed that the depth of the aircraft systems and physics should be even better than in the X-Plane 11 rendition of the addon.

If you’d like to learn more about the iniBuilds A310, which is also nowadays widely believed as one of the most-detailed addons, you can read our review of the addon by clicking here.

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