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iniBuilds Updates A300, Brings New Engine Variant and Significant Improvements

Recently, the iniBuilds team announced that a new significant update for their Airbus A300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming, with the new engine variant and large general improvements to the systems. Yesterday, the update was officially published and is available for every owner of the aircraft.

iniBuilds A300 New Features

On the iniBuilds Forums, Matt from the iniBuilds team shared the whole changelog for the Airbus A300 version 1.1.0, which is the first significant update for this aeroplane.

The A300 now includes the Pratt and Whitney engines for both the passenger and freighter variants. The variant does not only cosmetically change the model, but also functions a little bit differently with its unique systems and even engine sounds.

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The plane can also now be equipped with the new radio panel with CPDLC and ACARS systems.

Speaking of the EFB, this one has also received some improvements. The iniBuilds team added the Navigraph en route moving map functionality, allowing you to better visualise your flight on the map.

Through the EFB, you will also now be able to calculate your landing distance through the performance page.

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Bug Fixes

The iniBuilds team significantly improved the systems. In this version, the most notable improvement was done to the VNAV profile, added DECEL mode and it is now possible to reset the FMC after changing the panel state.

The throttle will no longer go idle on a bumpy runway, vertical speed will sync with the current climb and descent rate, and sounds will no longer make abrupt changes during startup.

There are improvements done to the EFB as well, together with the sounds and art of the A300, for a full changelog, follow the link to the iniBuilds Forums.

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If you own the A300, you can download this update via the iniManager app. If you would like to get this Airbus A300 add-on, you can purchase it via the iniBuilds store currently for €30.41, as it is on sale. When the aircraft is not on sale, it normally costs €40.90.

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