Introducing FSMemes: Not Appropriate, But Family-Friendly

Were you always looking for a platform that would give you perfect, humorous entertainment during your flight? Fear not, as the FSNews Team is proud to announce FSMemes, a completely new platform designed for your memes, now available at

FSMemes is a perfect website to visit when you’re bored in your biology class, when you’re waiting in a queue at Starbucks to get coffee for your corporate boss, or when you’re on a boring date with a partner with no interest in all the amazing things FSX has to offer in 2023.

Simply visit the page and browse an amazing selection of hand-picked and clever, not childish at all, memes. If you like a meme, you can instantly share it with your friends on social networks by clicking on one of the buttons that are obviously designed for that purpose.

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If you hate the meme website randomly picked for you from the bottom of your heart, you can refresh it by clicking the “I don’t have a life” button.

If you’re an aspiring meme lord with a huge library of amusing memes on your SSD system drive while your simulator is on your 90s HDD, feel free to submit your memes through the dedicated form on the website.

The slogan of FSMemes is “Not appropriate, but family-friendly…“, as our goal is not to insult anyone. If you’re a developer or a community member and find a meme on the page offensive, feel free to visit FSMemes’ legally-alright and boring Terms&Conditions to find out how to properly send us a legal takedown request before we find a more community-friendly way of handling this.

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Even though there is a huge probability of the community sharing jokes about particular developers and add-ons. We in no way mean harm to the developers and we feel positive that they will all take it as a joke, with a pinch of salt.

All jokes aside, even though this might not look like a serious project, we have taken the legal aspect of FSMemes very seriously, to make sure nobody is hurt or somehow disadvantaged.

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