IRIS Releases PC-21 for MSFS

Through their website, the team at IRIS Simulations announced the release of the PC-21 aircraft for the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The aircraft features advanced flight control systems that keep the aircraft stable throughout its flight. Moreover, the aircraft’s cockpit is pressurized and features a tandem configuration.

The flight instruments featured in the aircraft are also digital, and the glass canopy allows you to enjoy a full 360-degree view. The aircraft design is for all-around performance, and you can precisely perform loops, wing-overs, and rolls without any hassle.

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The PC-21 is an advanced military trainer, and several air forces use this aircraft worldwide. The plane has a top speed of 426 mph and a climb rate of 4000 feet per minute. At the same time, the maximum height that the aircraft can attain is 38,000 feet.

The product is available on IRIS’s website for 34.99$. Get this aircraft and push your experience to the next limit.

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