IRIS Simulations Releases Tutor T.1 for MSFS

Grob G 115E, also known as Tutor, is a fixed-wing aircraft primarily used for flight training. It was for the first time introduced back in 1999 by Grob Aircraft in Germany. The aircraft’s robust landing gear design allows the aircraft to sustain hard landings. It’s nowadays mainly used by air forces in the United Kingdom, Egypt, and Finland.

IRIS Simulations have recently proudly released this remarkable aircraft’s rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The announcement was made through their social network profiles. Unfortunately, IRIS Simulations did not include a feature list anywhere online so we can only guess what the aircraft has to offer in the simulator.

On a better note, the aircraft was updated already twice within four days after the initial release fixing and improving the addon to better meet the flight sim community expectations.

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If you want to purchase the addon, you can do so through the IRIS Simulations store for $19.99 or about €16.99.

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