IVAO Date of New Software Beta Release Announced

IVAO, or International Virtual Aviation Organisation, is a virtual traffic network like VATSIM, PilotEdge or upcoming Poscon. Recently, they announced their new software, which will be used by virtual pilots next years.

Developers stated, that they would like to bring us this new software by the end of this year. The software will be available as an opened beta testing on the 22nd December of 2019. There are gonna be some streams at this time, and after these streams, software will be available to download for all IVAO users.

The first release of the software will be IVAO ATC Client called Aurora. This software will be, obviously, for all the ATC’s across the IVAO network. The second release will be IVAO Pilot Client called Altitude. This client will be used instead of the old IvAp and the TeamSpeak 2. Also, there is gonna be built-in Unicom (122.8) or Datalink ATIS. This client will be 64bit compatible, so that means, it will run flawlessly on P3D v4 and higher, and also, it’s 4k screen compatible.

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For more information, visit the IVAO article here.

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