IVAO Releases WebEye 3.0

IVAO has today came to their official blog called Virtual Sky to announce the release of a new major version of their online flight tracking application called WebEye. WebEye 3.0 has been made from scratch featuring all previous features together with numerous brand new ones.

Although the new and modernized design is the most notable feature of this update, it is not the only one. IVAO has also worked on updating their database to allow a more detailed and richer outlook that is easier to update and maintain. Furthermore, users can now select more than one aircraft and use the bin icon to clear their selection.

Follow Me cars, Fighter jets, and Military aircraft will now be identified using their own icons, adding more intricacy to WebEye.

IVAO – Virtual Sky

Map has also been improved by adding a weather radar and dark mode option.

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Developers have also started working on the next series of updates for the application that will integrate shapes of TWR, NOTAMs, and special areas.

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