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IXEG 733 Development Status (16.4.)

IXEG 737-300 developer, tkyler, has yesterday posted via the X-Pilot forums a post regarding the current development status of the 737-300 rendition for X-Plane 11. It has been made clear, that the current situation has affected the employment of tkyler and sent him, as he says: “in a different direction”. By “different direction” he has clarified, that he’s currently “full time on X-Plane”.

IXEG is working on the update every day and is waiting for some X-Plane 11.50 stability before they release the update. In the meantime, IXEG is working on small improvements. As of right now, loading co-routes was made more robust in the FMS. The developers do not want to make major changes that could “put the plane in the hangar” yet.

As time goes on, I’ll continue to work on improving the route editing, which will have applicability for the holds and eventual “in air” vnav entries.  

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Like the real FMS, if a waypoint can’t be located because of database incompatibilities with the flight plan, then the FMS loads what it can until encountering such a point and then provides the message, “PARTIAL ROUTE LOADED”.

The aircraft rendition now support about 6 flight plan formats:

  • X-Plane 10/11 (*.fms)
  • PMDG & QualityWings (*.rte)
  • X-FMC (*.fpl)
  • FSX (*.pln)
  • AirbusX (*.flp)

For upcoming information, stay tuned on FSNews as we will continue to cover this subject.

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