21.7.2020 – 04:32z

J-Pro Simulations Releases ENML Molde Årø Airport for X-Plane 11

Please note: This article is being written by a J-Pro Developer.

Today, J-Pro Simulations released their first product for X-Plane 11, ENML Molde Årø Airport. For the past several months, the developers at J-Pro Simulations have created an outstanding rendition of the airport. Big thanks and credits to Fokker and Alliverti. The airport is free for X-Plane 11, and V2 is already in the works with greatly improved modelling.

The airport features photoreal scenery with Ortho, custom terminal and hanger models, custom taxiway and runway textures, and well developed custom PBR. This all can be downloaded at the J-Pro Simulations website for free, which can be found below.

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Molde Årø Aiport services the Molde region of Norway. In 2014, it serviced 481,406 passengers as well as 9,412 aircraft. Construction started in 1969 and the airport opened on April 5th of 1972.

Feature Log:

  • Vulkan compatible
  • Photoreal scenery for the area surrounding the airport
  • Custom models for the terminal and hangers
  • Custom high-resolution taxiway and runway textures
  • Custom PBR for both airport and ground
  • High rendition of the airport

More information about this scenery can be found on the J-Pro Discord and the J-Pro website where you can download ENML Molde Årø Airport for X-Plane 11.

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