31.7.2021 – 08:20z

JARDesign A340 Release Date and Features Confirmed

Just a day after it was last previewed, the JARDesign A340 makes yet another appearance, this time with all you need to know about the addon including it’s release date, pricing, and included features.

The JARDesign A340-500 will be available for purchase on August the 1st for approximately €50.56. The addon has a large list of features, including a detailed 3D model with 3D sounds, an advanced flight model with Fly-By-Wire, and in depth systems including air conditioning, pressurization, auto flight, communications, electrical, fuel, hydraulic, to name a few.

A number of liveries are also available for when the addon is released, and can be downloaded at JARDesigns website here

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The addon will be sold on the X-Plane.org store here

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