JARDesign Confirms Website Attacks

J.A Romanov, the founder of JARDesign recently came out with a Facebook post and a Youtube video to confirm that the JARDesign website and servers were maliciously attacked, causing users of any JARDesign product to be unable to open X-Plane 11, this is due to JARDesign products being unable to authorise with the server, therefore crashing X-Plane.

The attacks lasted five hours, and J.A Romanov apologised profusely for the attacks stating “it was a terrible five hours” Most commenters were understanding although JARDesign was criticized on not being prepared for the attacks.

All JARDesign products are back online and working. It is unknown who the attacker/s are or why they chose JARDesign to attack.

Author: Liam

Hi! My name is Liam, I am from Australia, I have been flight simming for around 5 years, mainly with X-Plane 11. I joined FSNews in October 2020 and I am excited to keep all of you informed on the latest flight sim news!

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