JarDesign Ground Handling – Review

Ground Handling Deluxe from JarDesign is a plugin which is simulating ground vehicle movement around aircraft. As always I would like to say thank you to JarDesign for making this possible because if we didn’t have such support from developers.


Ground Handling Deluxe offers you quite a wide range of vehicles which can move around the aircraft. If I should be specific there is a catering truck, cargo loader, fuel truck, ground power unit, moving stairs, and a bus.


In terms of design, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the quality of vehicles and textures. I have nothing to criticize about the design. JarDesign did a great job designing ground vehicles. I found one bug when trying out this plugin, and that was bus transparency -if you call the bus to your plane and you will try to watch the plane through its windows, you will only see Ground Handling equipment, not the plane, which is quite funny, to be honest 🙂

Door problem?

Okay, the title might seem weird, not everyone might get it from the title, but it’s fairly easy. Ground Handling isn’t “connected” to the aircraft. That means that if you call the stairs the doors will not open. Not every plane has this problem, for example, A320 and A330 from JarDesign don’t, but I still think that JarDesign should add compatibility to at least few most-used planes.


I would totally recommend this plugin to someone who is trying to move his flight sim on a new level. 15€ is really great value for what the plugin offers and I think that it’s a shame, that people underrate this plugin while it’s a great thing to have in a sim. If I would need to rate this plugin from 0 to 10, I would give it an 8. The reason why I took away those 2 points are small bugs like bus transparency, door opening and few more which aren’t game breaking.

Author: George

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