20.12.2023 – 14:50z

JKTools Releases Global VDGS For MSFS

JKTools released their debut product, Global VDGS for Microsoft Flight Simulator on simMarket. This addon adds visual guidance systems to all airports in the simulator and helps create a realistic and immersive experience.

What is a VDGS?

Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) assists aircraft in parking in front of specified gates at an exact position. The system can be used by both the captain and the co-pilot but requires a qualified ramp agent to be present while being operated in case an emergency stop is triggered.

The VDGS utilises a network of high-resolution cameras, strategically placed sensors and software algorithms to identify and assist the aircraft during the taxi-in and docking process. The system generally consists of arrow-like pointers to help steer the aircraft in the correct direction. It also offers dynamic speed control and predictive stop technology to prevent overshooting.

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Global VDGS Features

Global VDGS adds a VDGS at every parking spot available in MSFS without any user action. It works with default and add-on airports and starts automatically when the user launches Microsoft Flight Simulator. The addon is VATSIM friendly and requires no gate selection.

The addon comes with 4 fully functional types of VDGS and a configurator to help fine-tune and perfect the VDGS behaviour. You can also disable or choose a VDGS depending on the type of parking spot and airport.


The following can be purchased from simMarket at €20.00 and installed within the Microsoft Flight Simulator community folder. This addon is an awesome step forward in creating uniformity within the simulator with a realistic and immersive experience.

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