Just Flight Announces Custom FMS for 146 for MSFS

Just Flight have announced new details on EFB development and their custom UNS-1 FMS for the BAe 146 Professional for MSFS.

The BAe 146 Professional will have the older classic FMS, namely the UNS-1, providing us with GPS navigation with autopilot control (LNAV) and HSI. The UNS-1 will be included as a selectable option from the EFB in place of the current modern FMS

Thanks to Navigraph, we will always have the latest AIRAC cycle in the FMS. UNS-1 will have the ability to download and save flight plans, as well as full SID/STAR functionality, with accurately simulated transitions and approaches. The flight plan page looks relatively the same as the newer version, which we have.

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Just Flight also confirm that the FMS will have real-time fuel monitoring as well as fuel flow, range and fuel endurance. You can monitor performance data in real time and there will be fully simulated VNAV. It will give TOD and Vertical Speed ‚Äč‚Äčinformation.

Regarding the EFB, Just Flight says that they are almost ready with the performance data functionality, which means that the EFB will have take-offs and landings calculator, CG charts. They promise to share previews soon.

Just Flight says the UNS-1 is going through intensive and full testing and says they will show it to us in some video, once it is closer to release. Meanwhile, you can check out the original post on the Just Flight page.

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