Just Flight Announces Real Taxiways United States for MSFS

Just Flight has yesterday taken to their Facebook page to announce the development of Real Taxiways United States addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The addon is being developed in cooperation with a new developer called Black Square.

The addon promises to replace the default taxiway signs at Class C and D airports in the United States. New signs are more readable, more accurately placed, and have more variants that add to the overall experience a flight simmer gets while flying around the country.

The addon additionally promises to bring accurate taxiway names, removed signs that were obstructing ramps, taxiways, or runways, or an option to increase sign sizes during the installation, which may be helpful for VR users.

Real Taxiways will help to enhance many aspects of navigating the default Class C and D US airports by adding a full complement of accurately placed real-world taxiway signs, with many new sign types added and new sign textures.

Just Flight – Real Taxiways United States Class C & D Airports Product Description

No information was shared on the expected release date and pricing, and so both remain unknown for now.

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  • Real-world taxiway names
  • Near real-world taxiway sign placement
  • Multiple variations of all sign types
  • Double-sided taxiway signs
  • Sign sizes are appropriate to the airport
  • Hundreds of airport sign ‘personalities’ for an authentic experience
  • No signs obstructing taxiways or runways
  • No lights obstructing ramps or runways
  • No lights obstructing taxiways at most airports (option for all airports)
  • Signs easily readable from cockpit without zooming
  • LAHSO markings removed where they are not present in the real world (on every runway by default)
  • Corrected misclassified painted lines (such as dashed where a hold should be)
  • Destination signs match real-world charts
  • Enhanced runway entry lighting at large airports
  • Closed taxiways updated and signs added
  • Taxiway lighting now more consistent across airports
  • Recovered unusable parking spots (AI would not spawn)
  • Ramp areas can now be requested from ATC by name (e.g. ‘North Parking’)
  • Sign text padding corrected and more readable
  • Option to increase sign sizes when installing for even better visibility (great for VR)
  • Correct parking locations for GA, Commercial, Cargo, Military Cargo and Military Combat
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