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Just Flight Gives Dev Update RJ Professional

The development team at Just Flight has once again taken to their website to give us a new development update on their RJ professional series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developers have been busy working on all of the aspects of the addon, from the artwork to the systems.

The team has been extensively testing the flight deck’s textures and model. They have compared every little detail to the real aircraft to ensure 100% exactness. Furthermore, Just Flight’s artists have finished working on the 30 liveries that will be included in the download.

Besides that, the team has made extensive progress in the cockpit. All of the displays are now fully functional from the PFD and the ND to the radios and MCP. The developers have also finished their work on the aft centre console which is completely different to the BAe 146.

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The aft centre console is home to more modern VHF radio and ADF controllers as well as a completely different style of transponder, and more. The Just Flight team will now focus on the IRS system and a fully automatic pressurisation controller.

The release date and the price tag remain unknown. If you wish to learn more about Just Flight and the development of this addon, I suggest you have a look at my other article here.

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