23.6.2023 – 18:17z

Just Flight Officially Announces Airbus A300 for MSFS, Promising Study-Level

The Airbus A300 B4 for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be the next aircraft in Just Flight‘s MSFS portfolio, with increased fuel capacity and improved high lift systems from the initial versions of the aircraft type.

Whilst some previews were accidentally shared earlier through the developer’s YouTube channel, it has only been announced today officially, as part of the FlightSimExpo 2023, already setting expectations pretty high.

According to the announcement post, the add-on will be “study-level“, with highly detailed textures, realistic wear and tear details, and a properly modelled lighting model. The aircraft will also include a highly detailed model, two engine variants (CF6 and CT9D), cargo and passenger variants, and realistic animations.

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Speaking of systems, you’ll find complex custom-coded systems based on real-world manuals, including hydraulic, electrical, fuel and pressurisation systems. In other words, the addon should cater to flight enthusiasts seeking more advanced simulation and operations.

The flight deck of the B4 variant is manned by three people: the captain, co-pilot, and flight engineer. All of these positions will be represented in the Just Flight A300B4 Professional, complete with all necessary switches, knobs, and gauges.

The work on the main instrument panel and pedestal has been completed and developers are currently working on finishing up the cockpit textures and remodelling the engineer’s panel. The release date and pricing remain unknown for now, however, if you are attending FlightSimExpo 2023 in person, you can visit the Just Flight booth at 2 pm on Saturday 23rd for the full reveal.

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The aircraft was actually initially developed for Prepar3D, however, the team is now reworking it to keep up with the latest standards in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Some of the distinctions between the two variants are shown below.

The Airbus A300 B4 is a three-manned gauge aircraft powered by either a GE CF6 or a Pratt & Whitney JT9D engine. The B4 differs from earlier versions of the A300 by having larger fuel tanks and Krueger flaps, which increase lift and help pilots better control the aircraft at low speeds. They have a similar effect to slats but work differently.

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