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SimFX Extensively Detailed in Parallel42’s Website

Parallel 42 is currently working on their SimFX add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which promises to enhance the visual effects of the simulator and aircraft. Recently, the developer published the product page on their website, disclosing more information about this upcoming product.

SimFX Availability

Parallel 42 SimFX is going to be available when Sim Update 15 becomes available, as this update is required for the add-on to work.

Sim Update 15 should have already been available, but due to some technical issues, the release has been postponed to April, with a hypothetical release date set to April 30th. This might still change though, as nothing has been confirmed from Microsoft’s side yet and the end of April is coming near.

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Parallel 42 SimFX is going to be available for a price of €28.95 including taxes.

Product Description

SimFX aims to enhance realism by “tricking the eye”, with great optimisations for detailed user aircraft and good performance for multiplayer or AI traffic.

The Parallel 42 team is renowned for working with simulator visual effects, as we could have seen with their Immersion package back in Prepar3D days. They aim to bring high-quality visual effects work to Microsoft Flight Simulator, too.

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In general, every visible particle is authentically governed by environmental variables and formulas. The effects are dynamic and appear only under the right conditions, influenced by the simulator’s weather, surface, season, and more.

SimFX aims to enhance the user aircraft, as well as AI and multiplayer traffic, and even the atmosphere, as with SimFX, you will be able to see auroras on both poles. This simulation is powered by live data.

Some Most Notable Effects

Among the auroras and custom visual effects of the aircraft, the product description also shows some of the effects in detail, such as the AI contrails, which are going to last and extend over the horizon.

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To ensure each trail appears as realistically as possible, Parallel 42 introduced dynamic technology that controls these contrails.

Speaking of the user’s aircraft contrails, these are going to be “cloud-like, fluffy and dynamic”. Its conditions will depend on the sun, and also incorporate the extended contrails concept.

Improved heat blur is also present in this add-on, which promises completely revamped effects with dynamic and customisable visuals. This will affect the engines and the APU.

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The engines will also be influenced by engine blast, which will be notable on wet and soft surfaces. Particles will respond to the amount of throttle, resulting in clouds of dirt or water blasting away from the aircraft’s engines. A similar effect will appear on helicopters, as rotor wash is also implemented.

Among these, engine pollution, touchdown smoke, waves behind a seaplane, wheel marks on dirt, rain and meteorites will also be implemented in this upcoming add-on.

If you would like to learn more about Parallel 42 and their work, make sure to take a look at their Scenes, such as the recently released Cheat River Island.

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