Just Flight Previews BAe 146 for X-Plane 11

Through a two-minute-long video, Just Flight has further previewed their upcoming rendition of BAe 146 aircraft for X-Plane 11 in action. The aircraft was, when last time mentioned, scheduled to be released back in March.

The video showcases both the interior and exterior model of the aircraft in the simulator itself. Both screenshots taken from the video, and the video itself, can be viewed below in the article. It is clear, that the aircraft is now in the final stages of development and that the release is getting very close.

A big discussion is beign held in the community on the topic of the FMC that should be featured in the aircraft. While the Prepar3D variant of the aircraft has a fully custom-coded FMS from the developers, the X-Plane 11 will feature only the default FMC upon the release.

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Just Flight has further addressed this topic in the past, and reassured the community, that they are still looking into custom-coded FMS for the X-Plane 11 variant though it will not be available upon release.

A closer release date is yet unknown. The same applies to the pricing details.

The little quad-engine aircraft was a little uncommon but welcome sight in our skies from the 80s until the 2010s, while rare you can still see some, mostly in Iran. As a reminder, Just Flight is cooperating with Thranda on this project, and we will see the three passenger variants of the 146, being -100, -200 and -300.

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