Just Flight Previews F28 Cockpit (P3D)

Just Flight has again taken to their Facebook page to share a new set of previews. This time showcasing the currently developed rendition of an Fokker F28 Fellowship, short-haul jetliner produced between 1967 and 1987.

All eight previews showcasing the cockpit of the aircraft can be seen below. It is clear that the developers aim for a detailed rendition. While no new information was shared on the expected release date, the developer has confirmed, that they have intentions of bringing the aircraft to the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The aircraft will replicate the F28-2000 variant which is the second smallest of the F28 family. The aircraft is not used commonly anymore but while in service served major European airlines such as Air France and British airways, the F28 was put into service in 1967 and 241 were built.

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