Just Flight Previews Palma de Mallorca Airport for MSFS

After announcing the development just three days before Christmas, Just Flight has yesterday taken to their website to address the development progress and share some previews showcasing the upcoming scenery of Palma de Mallorca Airport (LEPA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The post addresses the newly imported glass terminal structure in terminal C which was said to be the most complex object so far. Previews of both exterior and interior were shared and can be seen below. It was though mentioned, that there are still some things that the developers would like to work on.

Furthermore, it was said, that an animated radar on top of the ATC tower was added to the scenery as well as the first few apron objects such as buses and AC units. The ground texturing, based on the post, is coming along nicely. The developers are aiming to replicate every single line as accurately as possible.

The scenery will as well feature an accurate layout of the airport featuring the recently renovated northern runway (24R/06L) which got a completely new surface and taxiway layout. We should get more information on that note “soon”.

The scenery is developed by a small group of two A320 pilots and a talented modeller/artist. All developers are based close to the airport and have experience within the industry. There were no mentions of the release date or pricing details in the post.

Palma De Mallorca Airport (LEPA) is located in Spain and serves the city of Palma located on the island of Mallorca. The airport saw almost 30 million passengers last year due to Mallorca’s large tourism industry. The airport sees use from almost every major European airline operating flights connecting the island with Europe and Africa.

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