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Just Flight Shares a Preview of The Upcoming RJ Professional for MSFS at FSExpo2024

During FSExpo2024, Just Flight shared a trailer and overview of their upcoming RJ Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This trailer showcases the aircraft in action inside the simulator for the first time. Showcasing some of the features and liveries we later got to know more. After the trailer, we got a preview of the aircraft with commentary from a Just Flight developer. This preview addressed some of the multiple new features coming with this aircraft. Some comparisons were made with their previous BAe146 Professional aircraft.

Overview of the RJ Professional

Just Flight starts this commentary by affirming that this aircraft will be a high-fidelity representation of the real Avro RJ. Following in similar steps to how they did with their BAe146 Professional aircraft. However, The BAe146 Professional was designed with its original instruments in mind. The RJ Professional will be the opposite. The RJ is designed to represent the latest version of this aircraft, matching the same aircraft that are still flying today.

Compared to the 146, the RJ offers a glass cockpit with more modern instruments. The Primary Flying Display and the Navigation display are both modeled to match the real CRT screens on the aircraft. This aircraft comes equipped with a FADEC system. This gives the aircraft better engine reliability and fuel efficiency. The FADEC also allows for the installation of autothrottle to the aircraft. All the autopilot, Mode Control Panel (MCP), and TRP functions work exactly as the real aircraft.

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This aircraft comes equipped with the latest FMS available in this type of aircraft. This unit is capable of some VNAV functions, being able to do climbs and decent with the function of level change or vertical speed of the autopilot. The layout of the overhead panel is similar to the BAe146. However, some systems of the RJ are different compared to the BAe146 like the pressurization which is now automatic. The panels like the radios and avionics are different to accommodate the newer technology of the RJ.

The passenger cabin shown in the presentation does not represent the one coming for the RJ Professional. The new cabin for the RJ Professional will receive a big overhaul, simulating the differences between the cabins of the BAe146 and RJ. The developer quickly touches on the cockpit door, being a brand-new design, equipped with a peephole that allows you to look into the cabin.

The EFB of this aircraft will bring all previous features that came with the BAe 146 Professional Version 2. Included as features we can find full Navigraph and SimBrief integrations. Boarding and deboarding logic is included with full GSX integration. Some other features like door control and customization options are available in the EFB. You can toggle these options on and off seamlessly via the EFB.

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Just Flight confirmed that over 30 high-quality liveries are ready for the RJ Professional. These liveries cover all variants of this aircraft: RJ70, RJ80, and RJ100. They showcase operators from all over the world, featuring both commercial and private cabin configurations. The sound design of the RJ will feature the sound set of the BAe146 Professional. Some new sounds will be added for the newer systems of the RJ.

The developer mentioned that right now they will not share a release date or pricing for the RJ Professional. This add-on will have a special price for previous owners of the 146 Professional. The RJ Professional is going to be available for both MSFS 2024 and 2020. If you are attending FSExpo 2024, you can try yourself the RJ Profesional over at the Just Flight booth. That’s all the news regarding Just Flight for FSExpo 2024. You can follow our special coverage of FSExpo 2024 here.

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