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Just Flight Shares New Development Updates for The F70/100 Professional Coming to MSFS

Just Flight published the latest development update on the upcoming Fokker F70 and F100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator last week via their website. The main focus of this update was to showcase some screenshots of the liveries coming for both aircraft. Multiple updates into the F100 systems and a first look into the F70 were also shared in this update.

Development Update For The F100

Just Flight has shared their progress regarding some systems of the F100. Since their last development update, the hydraulic system was implemented into the aircraft. The flight control and landing gear systems were also implemented. According to the developer, these newly implemented systems will require some tweaking.

The flight and engine models were refined in this update. This ensured the models were as accurate as possible compared to the real aircraft. With this update, Just Flight is happy to finally share a screenshot of the cockpit of this aircraft with functioning displays.

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The rest of this development update showcases some of the liveries included with this aircraft. Multiple operators around the world operated this aircraft in the past. KLM in Europe and American Airlines in the United States had a big F100 fleet. Today, mainly Australian operators like Alliance, QantasLink, and Virgin Australia have an active fleet of F100.

These are the included liveries coming with the F100:

  • Air Berlin – D-AGPB
  • Air France Regional – F-GPNK
  • Air Niugini – P2-ANH
  • Air UK – G-UKFG
  • Alliance (90th Anniversary of the first transpacific flight) – VH-FGB
  • American – N1473K
  • British Midland – G-BVJD
  • British Airways/TAT – F-GIOA
  • Carpatair – YR-FZA
  • Fokker Services (House) – PH-LXD
  • Germania – D-AGPJ
  • Helvetic – HB-JVG
  • QantasLink – VH-NHA
  • Slovak Government – OM-BYV
  • Spanair – EC-JJM
  • TAM – PT-MQS
  • Virgin Australia – VH-FNR

A First Look Into The F70

The Fokker 70 was designed in the early 1990s as a shorter version of the F100. It features a reduced capacity and a shorter fuselage compared to the F100. It shares similar wing and cabin designs with minor differences. The prototype of the F70 was a modified F100 registered as PH-MKC, which had its inaugural flight in 1993. However, the F70 didn’t achieve the same level of popularity as the F100. This resulted in only 47 units produced during its production period. To this day, the largest operator of the F70 is Alliance Airlines in Australia with 34 units incorporated in its fleet.

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Just Flight has shown for the first time screenshots of the F70. Showcasing the cabin interior and some liveries included for this aircraft. The liveries included with the F70 are the following:

  • Alliance Airlines – VH-NUO
  • America West – N528YV
  • Austrian Airlines – OE-LFH
  • Fokker Services (House) – PH-MKC (Prototype)
  • KLM Cityhopper – PH-KZL
  • Malev Airlines – HA-LMC
  • Netherlands Government – PH-KBX
  • TUS Airways – 5B-DDF
  • Tyrolean – OE-LFK

The Future of The F70/100 Professional

Just Flight confirmed that future development updates will arrive for both aircraft. The next step for the F100 is to incorporate the autopilot and autothrottle system. In a future update, a more in-depth look into the systems of the F100 will be provided. The F70 will be getting an update regarding its systems and cockpit. If you are interested in reading more about the F70/100 Professional by Just Flight you can visit our previous article here.

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