28.8.2020 – 21:59z

Just Flight Traffic Global Updated to Support GA Traffic

Today, Just Flight released an update to their product, Traffic Global which now supports general aviation traffic. There are also many other changes to Traffic Global. This update is supported on MacOS and Windows 10.

General aviation traffic with Traffic Global is supported by any airport that allows Traffic Global. This will bring X-Plane 11’s sky to a whole new level of emersion. I have tested this out, and it works very well.

You can learn more information about this update here. If you want to buy Traffic Global for X-Plane 11, you can do so at the Just Flight store for $52.99 USD.

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– GA aircraft exist

– Once more with feeling: GA aircraft exist!!!

– Custom camera data is sent to networked external-graphics PCs since X-Plane doesn’t do this by design.

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– Ignore visibility limits on flows if greater than 10 miles, have seen some set in thousands.

– Use the sim UTC time as provided when calculating UTC day offset.

– Comms was inverting arrival/departure runways when they were different.

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– Keep a runway occupied if an aircraft is backtracking

– GA aircraft paints can be restricted to a list of ICAO codes, for flightschool liveries.

– Replays are partially supported – animations and load/save not working due to X-Plane limitations.

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– Excluded airports/airlines with no percentage were ignored

– Model converter changes for ICAO type field

– Don’t write jet engine effect emitters for prop planes

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– Handle sounds in relative directories

– Model converter properly copies multiple sound variations

– Fix a crash in error reporting

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– Restrict textures to 2K.

– Fix logic problem creating go-around legs.

– Fix backwards taxying on approach due to positive rearward axle offset.

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– Scale tyre smoke according to aircraft class

– Add option to show or hide scheduled and GA on the flightplan view

– Fix labels being shown for above-density aircraft.

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– Only query the weather once every few seconds, not per frame.

– Base backtrack circle size on the runway width as well as the aircraft landing gear offsets

– Improve turning smoothness

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– Add label option for engine type

– Add basic MSA awareness for GA

– Increase on-runway fast-taxi speed

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– Fix rare prediction error where a distant aircraft could be activated if it was taxying out

– Numerous changes for altitude checks returning bad values at distance.

– Don’t build a cruise altitude curve if modifying a long cruise waypoint after the midpoint.

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– Improvements to circuits

– Penalise sharp corners on taxiways less than sharp corners transitioning from runway to taxiway

– Don’t cause huge framerate drop if the license needs revalidated but can’t be

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– Trim spaces from pasted license keys.

– Add zoom support for custom cameras

– Performance improvement for flightplan view

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– Blocked status was being lost on occasion when taxying

– Limit nosewheel steering angle to +/- 90

– Changing the TCAS setting via dataref will update the settings UI if it’s open

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– More work on detecting contact points

– When leaving parking with no clear route and moving forward, pull straight forward briefly then straight for the nearest point on the first edge.

– Allow straight-line exit from parking when no intersect can be found, even if the intercept angle is > 90 degrees.

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– Improved collision detection on fallback taxi out

– Change n1 for prop/turboprop to improve default animations

– Fix plane being repositioned when using the “immediate pushback” option

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– Don’t scan for spurs unless the leg is all in front or all behind.

– Don’t remove suspected spurs if we can’t intersect with anything.

– Airline codes updated

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– Decrease opacity of prop disc, it was effectively transparent.

– Fix prop shadows on models

– Ensure that isolated sections of taxiway in X-Plane 10 airports with no defined taxiways can reach the runway.

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– Aircraft reversing out of parking will not reverse so far before moving forwards

– Draw runway offset thresholds on the flightplan view

– Change taxi routing around runway entry zones to prevent zones made up of many edges being excessively penalised

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– Start accelerating to fast-taxi if entering a runway at an entry point inside a displaced threshold which is not the best one for the runway

– Aircraft entering a runway for takeoff before a displaced threshold will fast-taxi to the threshold instead of beginning the takeoff run immediately

– Performance improvement for drawing the flight plan window

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– Change to handling sharp turn coursefinding

– Move map labels closer to the icon

– Add a new map layer specifically for GA

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– Aircraft on go-around will now start to descend during the base leg

– Incorrect altitudes were used for displaced thresholds on X-Plane 10 airports

– Preplanned taxi route was not being cleared when a route was reset for repositioning, potentially causing taxi across the airport if the chosen parking also changed.

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– Point-to-point GA flights could have inappropriate durations

– Ensure slow aircraft doing a go-around on a long runway have enough space to properly descend.

– GA aircraft will often fly around other airport zones.

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– Change tyre smoke emission on different surfaces.

– Go-around could skip locations in some circumstances

– Allow small GA aircraft to taxi round others when deadlocked.

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– Aircraft will enter parking from the closest point on the nearest taxiway, attempting to avoid other parking, if all other attempts at finding the correct parking entry method fail.

– Add image buttons to the additional views to help VR users

– Add menu for AI cameras to help VR HOTAS users

– Flight-board can now be scrolled using the mouse/VR pointer.

– Add relative-altitude label option

– Make all labels with distance/altitude obey the imperial/metric switch.

– Add altitude ranges, and absolute/relative option to the radar

– Very busy runways will operate with reduced safety distances for departures.

– Fix race condition where the traffic may not initialise correctly for several minutes after sim start

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