22.4.2020 – 13:05z

Just Flight updated Traffic Global for XP11

Just Flight, a well-known developer, and distributor on the scene, has recently updated their Traffic Global product for X-Plane 11. Traffic Global is a utility addon adding AI traffic to the X-Plane 11 world featuring 3D sounds, over 65 aircraft types, and 860 liveries.

The new version, version 1.0.9113, should be compatible with the latest X-Plane 11.50 beta and works with both Vulkan and Metal. The plugin has also been tested with few other plugins. There are still some issues when running Traffic Global together with xPilot and TCAS enabled.

Traffic Global will work with: 124thATC, A-Better-Circle, Autogate, AviTab, BetterPushback, JoinFS, Gizmo64, SAM, TerrainRadar, xEnviro, X-ATC-Chatter, XPForce.

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A list of known issues was also posted in the changelog together with current changes in the new version.

If you want to buy Traffic Global, you can do so via the Just Flight website for €43.95 (Windows).

Changelog (v1.0.9113)

  • Compatibility with both OpenGL and Vulkan/Metal modes.
  • Fix for reading radio frequencies for certain airports.
  • Additional logging around the pseudo-ATC. If the above fix doesn’t help, please contact support with your log.
  • Crash fix for random crash which was possible when TCAS was enabled and you changed aircraft mid-flight.
  • Crash fix for a small number of third-party schedule files which referred to a specific set of airports.
  • Crash fix for random crash when removing aircraft after the density setting had been reduced.
  • Potential fix for certain commercial, third-party airports affecting calculation of AI touchdown points at airports at the end of long user flights.
  • Wind direction is now calculated using the airport’s elevation rather than the user’s.
  •  Fix for a potential freeze during shutdown.

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