Just Flight Updates BAe-146 Professional for X-Plane 11

Aircraft developer Just Flight has recently released an update to their new BAe-146 series aircraft which was released just a week ago. The new update marks the fifth update since the aircraft was released and includes multiple additions, bug fixes, and improvements. Sadly this update does not feature the highly anticipated custom fmc.

Perhaps the most notable addition is the new ability to toggle chocks on the aircraft while on ground, they are visual but also functional meaning your plane wont be moving if they are enabled. The update also includes added hydraulic system effects to brakes, improved TMS, fixed rear seats in the -100 version, and more.

The aircraft can be updated using the SkunkCrafts updater, or by re-downloading the aircraft from your Just Flight account. You can purchase the BAe-146 for X-Plane 11 on Just Flight’s website for approximately €62.41 here.

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The little quad-engine aircraft was a little uncommon but welcome sight in our skies from the 80s until the 2010s, while rare you can still see some, mostly in Iran, and Australia.

Changelog (V1.0.5)

  • Added chocks, visually and functionally
  • Added hydraulic system effects to brakes
  • Improved TMS (Throttle now independent of TMS logic)
  • Fixed rear seat row in 100 version
  • TMS no longer on when starting from cold and dark
  • Created camera collision bounding box for VR (Makes it easier to navigate)
  • Enabled experimental flight model (No longer necessary to enable it in-sim)
  • Added VR click spots to some tablet interaction zones
  • Fixed annunciator test button flicker when cold and dark 

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