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Just Flight Shares New Updates for the Piston & Turbine Duke from Black Square

Last week, Just Flight released updates on the upcoming Piston Duke and Turbine Duke from Black Square for MSFS. Developer Nick Cyganski spent several months working on new features, some of them never seen before in Flight Simulator, many of which they are going to be making into older Black Square products in future updates. 

Previews on the new Systems and Audio for the Piston Duke

The main highlight of this update is the brand new in-cockpit EFB tablet, according to the developer: “became the most complete interface yet for monitoring aircraft systems in MSFS”. The EFB tablet includes options configuration, payload and fuel management, piston and turbine engine visualisers, live electrical schematic, cabin environmental visaulisers and failures options. These systems are made with the goal of easily reading some of the most complex systems in a general aviation aircraft for experienced and novice simulation pilots alike. 

The Piston Duke brings also an overhaul for the engine start and feather simulation, Black Square’s New Reciprocating Engine Simulation brings new physics to the crankshaft and the feathering will be driven by engine oil pressure, also adding engine simulation from previous products like fouling, vapor lock, flooding, backfire and turbocharger. The Piston Duke will also include instrument stiction and friction physics where the instruments will become temporarily stuck and will unstuck from engine vibration or tap on them for a more realistic experience. The gyroscopes on the aircraft are now physic-driven, also available on other Black Square products.

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This product will include all new audio from a partnership with Boris Audio Works, which combined with the complex systems from Black Square will make an unforgettable experience. The audio when you start the engine is layered in multiple individual sounds each controlled by an underlying simulation to make a living sound system from the starter solenoid to the friction on the flywheel. Audio previews and videos from Black Square are going to be available soon so you can experience the sounds by yourself.

Avionics wise, the developer announced the release of the freeware KLN-90B GPS navigator from Falcon71, “one of the most impeccably accurate pieces of avionics for MSFS”. The Duke features a total of 12 avionics combinations, which can be changed in the EFB tablet. Other avionics that are supported in this aircraft are the PMS50, GTN 650 AND TDS GTNxi 650S.

The developer has announced in this post that both aircraft are in beta testing and the expected date for release is March 2024, both aircraft are going to be available separately or in a bundle. The 150-page manual for the aircraft will be released as the release date approaches. You can read our previous Piston Duke article here.

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