JustAsia St. John Released

Recently announced JustAsia scenery St. John, have been released today. We will point at the main features of the scenery.

The scenery is now available via SimMarket for €24.00, and includes a lot of modern features as 3D grass, HDR night lighting, 2k ground textures, static aircraft option and much more. Also, developer states that the scenery is light on FPS, and has great optimization.

The scenery is available for X-Plane 11, and includes the St.John international airport with 3 main runways, for it’s position it’s great to make a flight across the pond from it. St.John is great for short haul flights and long haul flights as well.


  • UHD ortho imagery 
  • Custom HDR night lighting
  • 2k ground textures and markings (Include Wet textures)
  • Full WT3 intergration with custom ground routes
  • Static aircraft option
  • Custom animated ground traffic
  • Animated jetways and docking
  • Highly optimize scenery (Light on fps)
  • 3d grass 
  • And more ! 

You can get this scenery here for €24.00