JustSim today, 29.6.2019, released their third update for LEBL scenery. We did a review of v1.2 a few weeks ago (JustSim LEBL v1.2 review) and this update looks really promising. Before we start, I would like to say huge Thank You! for JustSim for making this possible.

Change Log

  • X-plane 11.34+ compatible
  • ground service added
  • new models for ground equipment
  • new terminal model
  • new stands and gates added
  • new VDGS system models
  • PBR effects on all models
  • minor texture changes
  • minor ortho changes

Terminal Model

In comparison with the old terminal model, the new one is a big improvement. The old terminal model was kinda “squared”, and the new one has a really nice model with a rounded design, as in real life. Overall, the terminal looks more realistic and less cartoon.

JustSim LEBL v1.3 Released - JustSim, X-Plane

Ortho Change

This might seem like a small change, but it is not! The feeling from the scenery is totally different in comparison with v1.2. As said before, it looks much more realistic than before. As an example, check the picture below.

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JustSim LEBL v1.3 Released - JustSim, X-Plane
In my opinion, this looks great!



In my opinion, this is really interesting update with nice features, but there is a catch! This update is not free. If you already own one of the older versions you can upgrade for an 6€ fee. For someone, it might be a lot, but you need to take in mind, that this scenery normally costs 21€, which is quite cheap if you consider the quality.

I would highly appreciate Barcelona city modeled in the next update since it is quite a nice feature to have in the scenery, but I will let JustSim decide 🙂

I wish JustSim best luck with the scenery and if you want to purchase this scenery, you can do so on SimMarket.

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