Firstly, I’d like to thank JustSim making this review possible.

First Impressions

When I started the simulator, I was a bit confused with that what I saw. The first impressions of the scenery were not that exciting as expected and looked like a better freeware for me. But when I looked more at the airport, it was getting better and better. The textures of the taxiways or runway are done pretty well, along with the terminal textures.

Textures of the taxiway
The textures, autogen and buildings

When I set myself at approach position, the scenery was well-rendered, even I was about 3nm out. What broke the impression of the approach was the lack of trees autogen there. The parkplace was looking very realistic and cars or trees are well modeled too. I really liked the 3D grass, which is actually common at this age, but this looked really good, the textures are sharp and clean. The terminal textures are nice also.

View of the approach from approx 1-2nm
Night Lighting

The next thing I’d like to talk about is the lighting. The lighting at the apron is looking really great, and since there is dynamic lighting there, the aircraft looked almost like at night in real life. The performance is really great with dynamic lighting and PMDG 737, so I was very satisfied. What I actually didn’t like is the fact that the runway lighting is not visible from the approach position. They are rendering while you are landing at the runway, and the lights are dim anyway. The lights inside the terminal are not dynamic, it’s just a texture like it was done at FSX age. But it’s not that important since you won’t focus on it when you are flying, at least for me. So I have no problem with that.


The scenery also includes PBR rendering, which I spotted only at the Dash-8, which is well modelled. When I set the weather to grey and rainy, ground textures came alive and it has some water spots on it, which is really nice.

General Feel of the Airport

Even though the airport is really small, it got really nice scenery, which is a pleasure to fly in. The textures are great, the terminal is well modelled and the 3D grass has nice textures. What I actually didn’t like is the runway lighting, lack of autogen on approach and that small “JustSim” logo on the terminal. And I doubt that it’s there in real life. I am not able to compare it to the previous version of JustSim Linz, so I am not sure if there is an improvement or not. Overall, I would recommend the scenery for it’s pricepoint since it’s probably the best Linz scenery out there.

The JustSim logo I mentioned

Author: Patrik

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