9.2.2024 – 17:25z

Justsim Releases Nice Airport NG Series for MSFS

The developer Justsim has released their new recreation of Nice Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Whilst the developer has already created this scenery, this is a significant overhaul to the previous version, as it is the first scenery in their new “NG Series” line-up, that brings massive changes to Justsim’s sceneries.

Nice Cote d’Azur Airport (LFMN) is an international airport near the city of Nice in Southern France. It is the third busiest airport in the country and it is an operating base for easyJet. The airport is capable of handling around 10 million passengers annually and it is also a gateway to Monaco.

The airport is equipped with two main terminals and a business aviation terminal. All the traffic is handled by two parallel runways and one control tower. Currently, virtual pilots can enjoy various flights from this holiday destination. You can fly to Rome Fiumicino, Copenhagen, Oslo, Luxembourg, Duesseldorf and even destinations across the Pond, like Atlanta and New York.

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Justsim promises with the NG Series of sceneries to bring realistic, highly detailed models of the airport and surroundings with excellent optimisation. However, the developer didn’t provide us with any feature list about this scenery. Thus, we may only guess from the images what the scenery has to offer.

From the screenshots, we can see that the scenery has received a significant overhaul, and now includes a 3D terminal, PBR textures and very detailed modelling, as well as some ground clutter with static aircraft, vehicles and people around the airport. The surrounding area and the landside of the airport seem to be modelled as well.

If you would like to get the scenery of Nice Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you may purchase it via simMarket for €20.88. If you have previously owned any version of Justsim Nice scenery, you are entitled to an €10.44 upgrade. You can also read about their Oslo scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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