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KatiePilot Announces Exciting efbPro For Flight Simulators

KatiePilot recently unveiled her latest project: efbPro, an upcoming free electronic flight bag software designed for flight all simulators.

KatiePilot announced the revolutionary product on her Twitter and Instagram. She is an Airbus A320 pilot and a Twitch streamer who has gained recognition for her notable contribution to developing the electronic flight bag for the renowned Fenix A320. KatiePilot promised to use her software development and professional piloting expertise to bring her ‘groundbreaking standalone EFB’ for free to every simmer.

efbPro has many features, some of which were revealed by KatiePilot. One particularly ground-breaking aspect of the add-on is its innovative app store. This app store creates limitless opportunities for the software as it allows developers to create their applications specifically designed for efbPro, thus expanding the software’s functionality and potential. KatiePilot stated in her tweet that developers can create payware software for the tablet. Secondly, the add-on offers its users the possibility to customize their efbPro experience by allowing them to edit the software background, adjust accessibility options, and download or delete apps.

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KatiePilot also mentioned some quality-of-life features we can expect to find within the software. Firstly, efbPro will incorporate Simbrief, which makes the creation of flight plans faster and more efficient. The software will also include a performance calculator for every airplane, a weather tab that provides information about weather conditions, and an area to store FCOMs (flight crew operating manuals) and POHs (pilot’s operating handbooks).

In terms of hardware requirements, you don’t need much to run efbPro. KatiePilot stated in her tweet that any device can run the software but recommends using a touchscreen tablet. Now you might be excited to download this add-on and try it out. However, the software is still under development, and a release date hasn’t been announced, but when it is released, we will inform you. If you wish to register yourself for the efbPro, the link for that is right here.

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