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Kiss Simulation Releases Sarajevo Airport for MSFS

Kiss Simulation releases Sarajevo International Airport as the developer’s first add-on for MSFS. Sarajevo Airport is the primary international airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, serving the city of Sarajevo and the surrounding suburbs. It is located 12km west of downtown. As of 2023, the airport has served just over 1.3 million passengers.

Historic Significance of Sarajevo

The airport was opened on June 2, 1969, for domestic traffic, and a year later, it handled its first international flight to Frankfurt. Unfortunately, during the Bosnian War, the airport was taken under the control of the Yugoslav People’s Army, which used it to evacuate 30,000 people. However, the airport also has a significant historical significance in the United Nations for being used as a humanitarian hub. One of the most prominent humanitarian operations in history took place from here, with around 13,000 flights and 160,000 tons of aid flown out. Some of the first airlines to start commercial operations included Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Serbia, and others.

Sarajevo Airport Features

This add-on provides a highly detailed and accurate representation of Sarajevo International Airport. The runway has been designed to match the real-world runway in both length and profile. The height of the runway field has been adjusted for realism, and the ILS approach angle has been set accurately at 3.2°. Additional visual elements, such as RVR equipment and ILS antennas, have been added to increase authenticity.

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The environment has been enhanced with custom-animated runway guard lights and a newly built terminal extension. Custom-designed ground vehicles, including a fuel truck, a stair truck, and a pushback truck modeled after the Goldhofer AST-3, have been added to create a realistic airport operation. Furthermore, the taxiway layout has been updated to reflect its real-world counterpart, complete with custom weathering effects that mimic actual wear and tear.

Sarajevo International Airport by Kiss Simulation is available for purchase at SimMarket; this add-on is priced at exactly 13 euros.

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