L-410 for XP11 Development Update (6.5.)

Developers behind Let L-410 aircraft addon for X-Plane 11 did recently release their first post over at the L-410 Devblog. The last time we heard from the developers was back in March when they shared a set of previews showcasing the new textures.

Since we’ve already covered those texturing renders earlier in March, please read our previous article to learn more about them.


It has been made clear, that the aircraft will feature a highly detailed pilot object. A nice commentary on the developers experience with pilots in aircraft addons has been quoted below.

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To be honest, I hate ghost planes. It just breaks the immersion. I fly a lot in VR and having an empty cockpit – just sitting there without a virtual body – makes me ask the question every minute: am I really in that plane?

wingtip tanks

The developer did take this development update seriously, and shared also some previews of the wingtip tanks the Turbolet L-410 offers. The fuel tanks can take up to 200L extra fuel each for longer routes.


Previews of the Weight & Balance and Center of Gravity menu have also been included within the post together with a set of pictures overall showcasing the aircraft. A selection of the screenshots can be seen below.

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The release date of the update is yet unknown, but if you want, you can download the current version for free from the X-Plane Forums.

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