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Laminar Research Showcases In-Game Footage of X-Plane 12

Laminar Research developers Michael Brown, together with Austin Meyer have recently showcased an early alpha video of X-Plane 12. It has been shared through the YouTube channel of Michael Brown. In addition to that, there were two new screenshots from the simulator shared through the Twitter account of X-Plane.

The developer shared two different videos, both showing the X-Plane 12 engine behaviour. The first video shows the Lancair Evolution, which is based on the real aircraft owned by Austin Meyer. Austin has previewed the flight controls of this aircraft, as well as some aspects of the graphics engine of the upcoming simulator.

The second video shows the A330, which is going to ship with X-Plane 12 as well. In addition to that, Austin showcased the icy conditions and spoke about the dynamic weather feature. The dynamic weather feature is going to determine for example the surface conditions of the runway. He said that if you select icy runways and warm weather, the ice is going to melt, or when you set wet runway and cold weather, it is going to freeze.

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The developer says that the A330 simulation is very advanced. In the video, we can see the cockpit of the A330 in all its glory, as well as the landing gear animations, as well as the sound pack. There is also a new, custom MCDU, which seems very accurate compared to the real counterpart.

Austin as well as Michael have said in the video that X-Plane 12 is currently in the alpha stage and there are many things unfinished at this moment, such as the coastlines and some visual bugs as well as issues with the flight dynamics.

If you’d like to learn more about the X-Plane 12 simulator, you can check out our other article here.

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