8.12.2019 – 13:09z

LatinVFR Announce Fort Lauderdale airport

The FSX and P3D scenery designer has announced on its Facebook page that Fort Lauderdale International airport (KFLL) is currently being worked on.

With a single screen shot and the comment “So we were coming into the HILEY7 arrival into KMIA and inadvertently stumbled onto the current progress of our next destination… ” we have no other details at this present time.

Fort Lauderdale Int’l Airport was orginally opened in 1929 as Merle Fogg Airport until the United States Navy took the airfield over at the start of the Second World War renaming it to Fort Lauderdale in the process before returning it to county control in 1946.

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Today the Florida airport sees on average 700 flights a day both domestic and internationally.

LatinVFR has provided very few details and have left the community guessing when it might be released.

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