LatinVFR Madrid Updated

After about a week, LatinVFR Madrid gets its first update. The update is concerned only about some fixes and performance optimization. We were informed about the update via Facebook.

In the scenery, there was fixed the issue with black lines on the terrain, optimized its performance by reducing the size of some textures. The issue with floating animated objects was fixed too, along with the floating objects in the La Munoza section. There were fixed more issues, underground lighting of terminals included.

You can download the updated version via LatinVFR website.


1- Fixed issue with black lines on the terrain.
2- Optimized performance by reducing size of certain textures
3- Fixed issue with floating animated objects.
4- Fixed issue with floating objects near the “ la munoza’ section.
5- Fixed issue with lights showing underground near terminal 1/2/3
6- And other small fixes…

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