LatinVFR Miami Updated to 5.1

disclaimer: the featured picture is from v5

LatinVFR today released their first update for their Miami (KMIA) scenery. This isn’t a huge update, but it still brings a few interesting and important things as seen below.

If you already have this scenery make sure you fully uninstall the previous version before installing v5.1. You can find the uninstaller in the scenery folder.


source: Latinvfr facebook

1- Added missing autogen textures, those who did not have a previous version of KMIA, were seeing black textures.
2- Fixed flickering on some ground areas of KMIA.
3- Added ‘static’ runway hold lights, with no animations as an option on the scenery configurator, users will have two options, static and animated. The static will be the default option when installing.
4- Reduced metallic/chrome on static aircraft.
5- Fixed issue where the taxi lights became a bit red when on final approach to KMIA.
6- Fixed photo scenery around the Key Biscayne, Virginia Key area where it looked black/dark.
7- Added rain puddles as an optional item on the scenery configurator. (not because of performance).
8- Fixed some duplicate parking in the AFX file and modified radius on some cargo parking.
9- Filled gaps on the rain activated PBR polys.
10- Among other small fixes…

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