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The LatinVFR’s A340 Released Today For MSFS

Last year on the 26th of October LatinVFR announced the upcoming release of their newest addition to the Microsoft Flight Simulator the Airbus A340-300. After just a few months of waiting, this much-anticipated add-on has just been released.

About The Airbus A340-300

The Airbus A340-300, the first variant of the A340 family, made its maiden flight on the 25th of October 1991 and entered commercial service with launch customer Lufthansa in March 1993.

It was designed as a long-range, wide-body airliner to compete with Boeing’s 747 and McDonnell Douglas’ DC-10. With its four-engine configuration, it offered airlines operational flexibility, particularly on long-haul routes. Over its production run, which lasted until 2008, Airbus built a total of 218 A340-300 aircraft before production ceased in favor of more fuel-efficient twin-engine models.

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The A340

In a recent announcement posted on Facebook, LatinVFR revealed that their new creation is on the final track for release and the initial development stage was finished. And just after a week of testing the product in the XBOX environment, the product was released.

According to the developer’s comments under their posts, we can expect the A340 to have VNAV, TOD, and TOC but the functioning LNAV is still pending avionics update. The cockpit will be custom-made. However, it will use modified avionics of the default A320 NEO with the A340 systems. What’s more the -600 variant might come out later this year.

The developers also published a teaser video from which we can notice that, just like other LatinVFR products, the Airbus will feature a functioning Electronic Flight Bag featuring useful tools for controlling the aircraft and the Navigraph integration. In the video, we can also see that the cockpit will have a functioning tray table implemented.

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Most likely it will have about the same level of detail as their latest creation, the Airbus A330-900 NEO. The Airbus A340-300 by LatinVFR is available at the MSFS Marketplace for 29.49 EUR.

Updates On Other Products

Recently LatinVFR also published a significant update to their Airbus A320 Family. This update introduces a new sound pack, featuring customized engine sounds, improved ground roll effects, cockpit vibrations, and enhanced environmental effects such as rain and wind. Additionally, cockpit ambiance sounds have been refined to include avionics and fan noises, while touch-down and GPWS sounds have been updated with new callouts, including the addition of missing minimums callouts.

Alongside these audio improvements, a new Electronic Flight Bag has been integrated, offering enhancements like a Simbrief flight plan download upgrade and a redesigned user interface, complete with a new takeoff calculator based on airport and weather data.

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