LatinVFR Releases Airport Regional Environment X for MSFS

LatinVFR, a well-known multi-platform flight simulation scenery developer, has just a few moments ago taken to their Facebook page to announce the release of their Airport Regional Environment X, also known by an abbreviation of AREX, for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The addon replaces the default ground service vehicles in the North American region of the simulator, and so enhances the environment with vehicles common in the area. The addon makes an effect on all airports in the United States and Canada. Coverage in Mexico is not included.

All vehicles have specific liveries for the area relatable to the real companies. Users can select from nine airline companies and the most important catering companies from the area. Of course, not to forget, the developers from LatinVFR have included custom sounds for the vehicles as well as custom logos for the companies placed on the vehicles.

Numerous previews showcasing the custom ground vehicles that are included in the addon can be seen below and can be enlarged by clicking on them.

The addon is available to be purchased through the LatinVFR website for a decent price of $9.99 which is equal to about €8.30.

Feature list

  • Replacement of ground services vehicles with customized and more realistic for the region at ALL airports in North America (Continental US and Canada).
  • Select from 9 Airlines: American, Air Canada, Delta, United, Jetblue, Spirit, Alaska, West Jet and Frontier. (not available on the MS marketplace)
  • Customized sounds of the different engines and animation situations.
  • Different logos for the companies that provide airport services in North America.
  • Realistic catering truck used in the region, with the logos of the most important airport catering companies.
  • Customized push back truck depicting regional companies.
  • Customized and regional types of vehicle traffic, that make the airport environment more realistic and according to vehicles used in the region.
  • Uses the default system of calling ground services, no external apps or files needed.
  • No negative impact on performance.

Author: George

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