LatinVFR releases Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood for P3Dv4

Last mentioned in February, LatinVFR has today released Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport for Prepar3Dv4. LatinVFR has kept us updated about the scenery development since the first tease that has been shared back in December 2019.

Based on the feature list, the airport scenery features sloped runway with I traffic support, PBR materials or SODE jetways, rain effects and dynamic lighting, for example. The scenery also comes with a configurator through which you can select or unselect scenery features.

The scenery can now be purchased via the LatinVFR website for $25.99.


  • KFLL airport all buildings objects and ground polygons made from native PBR materials.
  • Runway 28L/10R sloped with AI traffic support (thanks to FSSI) Airport and immediate surroundings, detailed.
  • Surroundings, Fort Lauderdale city buildings with over 30 square miles of photo scenery coverage
  • SODE animated PBR jetways for the best jetway animation possible.
  • SODE controlled lighting, automatically illuminating when low visibility and rain conditions.
  • SODE controlled rain effects, enabling wet PBR surfaces whenever rain is present.
  • Custom animated airport vehicles.
  • Special slippery condition for runways/taxiways that would affect braking action whenever it is raining.
  • Static aircraft, customized vehicle animations, animated elevators.
  • Scenery configurator for selecting and unselecting features.
  • And much more…..