LES DC-3 Development Update

LES Developer has shared a developer update regarding their DC-3 aircraft for X-Plane 11. This is a rather long developer update, so I try to cover it in a shorter way.

The development update was posted on the X-Pilot.com forums by user airfighter. The developer try to give us an insight what they’re working on. The first thing the developer want to focus on, is the controlling of the aircraft on ground. DC-3 is a big taildragger, that means you do not control the tail wheel, except of the action of locking or unlocking it, said the developer. The control is achievecd with two methods, differential throttling and involving the brakes. Obviously, you won’t get an instant reaction from the aircraft, as in real life.

The second thing the developer talked in the development update, is the new GUI for DC-3 aircraft. The screenshot can be seen below. The overall dynamics of the aircraft should stay the same as they are. Except for the behaviour on ground, as mentioned upper in the article.

The source of this article can be found here.

Author: Patrik

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