Lockheed Martin Switching to Unreal Engine

Lockheed Martin is currently engaged in long-term efforts to create next-generation simulation solutions based on Unreal Engine from Epic Games, says a blog post on the official website of Unreal Engine from November 28th, 2022.

Adam Breed, Strategic Technologies Architect at Lockheed Martin, says that Unreal Engine allows them to lead ahead and focus on the things that they’re good at. That includes integrating avionics systems and creating an immersive learning environment, Adam said.

Unreal Engine can support us with visualizations, the architecture of the gaming and simulation environments. As a result, we can utilize what Lockheed Martin brings to the table while leveraging the best of the gaming industry to make it a security-oriented product.

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Adam Breed, Strategic Technologies Architect at Lockheed Martin

In other words, Unreal Engines provides a good visual base for the team to focus on different aspects of their training software.

Whilst Lockheed Martin did not yet make any announcements on this matter related to Prepar3D, it’s likely that they’re switching to Unreal Engine instead of ESP, a formerly used game engine, to better fight the growing competition coming from X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Do you think future versions of Prepar3D will be based on a different game engine? Will it help Prepar3D sustain the pressure from its competition?

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