Magknight 787 Major Update

We got an opportunity to do an interview with Magknight and we asked him about new 787 major update he’s preparing with his team.


We asked Magknight when is the new update going to be available and he told us, that is was supposed to be available last week (29.4. – 5.5.), but because of what they’re waiting for they don’t have clue when will they release it. He didn’t tell us what are they waiting for.

Magknight told us that he focused primarily on fuel and hydraulics systems, which is a quite interesting choice since people usually disliked interior design and physics.

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In terms of price, Magknight told us, that owners of Aviators Edition will get the update for free. If you want to test the new version of 787, join Magknight Discord server.

I would like to say thank you again to Magknight for making this possible.

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