Magknight 787 updated to v1.4.2

Magknight, a developer behind a well-known Boeing 787, has today released an update for their Boeing 787-9 aircraft for X-Plane 11. The developers mentioned in the Facebook post, that the v1.4.2 features more fixes than the entire 1.3.x run did.

The update features mainly fixes, but I highly recommend you to update your aircraft since some of them are important. If you want to update the aircraft, you can do so via SkunkCrafts updater. The changelog can be seen below.


  • Screen brightness issues
  • TAT/SAT (#234)
  • GPU auto disconnect (#228)
  • Less printing
  • Closer fuel balancing (#249)
  • Ailerons at cruise (#231)
  • MFD central lines
  • Switch to GPSS (#152, #258)
  • Localiser gain (#152)
  • Custom cursor on MFD (#209)
  • CDU popup mouse in cockpit (#108)
  • Reversers 3D (#242)
  • Doors stuck in loop when engines running (#259)
  • Vertical guidance on PFD
  • Nose texturing fixes
  • Modified sound mixing
  • MAP lighting
  • TERR/WXR buttons (code)
  • Versioning
  • Fixed readme definition of experimental
  • Not every airport is CYYZ
  • Forward cargo door opens with engines running
  • CDU hold button
  • Some modifications to ND
  • Renamed EFB nosewheel settings for clarity
  • Button animation/sound for MCP
  • Config file issue on Linux
  • VS/FPA conversion
  • Heading knob CTD (#268)
  • TERR button animation code
  • Packs on ground power (#269)
  • Glideslope activation (#270)
  • Popup CDU keyboard entry DELETE
  • Wind on ND

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