20.4.2020 – 10:09z

Magknight released B787 1.50 Beta for XP11

Magknight, a well-known developer on the scene, has today released a new beta version of their Boeing 787-9 rendition for X-Plane 11. The announcement was made via the Magknight Discord server. This could be considered as a rather big update taking into account the number of fixes and new features.

The update can be downloaded via the Google Drive page. The new version features upgraded fuel systems, improvements in the custom flight controls and custom air conditioning systems, and of course, bug fixes. As usual, the complete changelog can be seen below.

There has been a lot changed from previous versions, for example, there were takeoff callouts added (“V1”, “Rotate”, “Positive climb”), improved fuel balance system, added APU fuel feed on the ground or improved sounds for custom air conditioning systems.

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## 1.5.0
### Custom flight controls
- Surface fadeout by speed
- Experimental tailstrike protection
- Dynamic flap timing and order
- EICAS messages for fctl/hydraulics
- Roll spoilers based on speed and wingforce
- Spoiler handle action
- Spoilers retract on throttle advance
- Spoiler deployment on landing
- Surface droop on hydraulics loss
- Various other flight model changes

### Upgraded fuel systems
- Fuel balance system
- Central tank scavenge system
- APU fuel feed on ground
- Various other fuel system modifications

### Custom air conditioning systems
- Cabin temperature using energy energy transfer model
- Packs airflow
- Sound
- Air EFIS graphics
### Extensive bugfixes
- 1000 climbout callout
- Some small performance improvements
- Cabin chime button and sound (#306)
- ND heading/track box (#315)
- 8.33kHz and 25kHz checking for TCPs (#308)
- Added FPV indicator in FPA modes (#298)
- Altitude green box
- Heading Horizon option for PFD
- MCP defaults to HDG/VS
- Fixed preselected baro setting doesn't hide after setting STD (#300) 
- Fixed autopilot button lights (#295)
- Various modifications to runOnce on startup
- Approach idle
- Fixed PFD roll-disconnect
- Added "Positive rate" callout
- Added "V1" and "rotate" callouts
- Added pitch ground braking 
- Fixed continuous config warning after takeoff if conditions invalid at liftoff
- Disabled commands that default on Honeycomb yokes
- Fixed soundpack not registering issue (order of operations) (#291)
- LOC (dis)arming (#287)
- Various settings logging/checking issues (#285)
- Beacon light positioning (#294)
- Cabin sound switches to external near edges of fuse (#223)
- Autothrottle button animations (#177)
- Removed reference to video in EFB Java error 
- macOS SDK version
- TAT/SAT (#234)
- MFD central lines
- Switch to GPSS (#152, #258)
- Localiser gain (#152)
- Custom cursor on MFD (#209)
- Reversers 3D (#242)
- Doors stuck in loop when engines running (#259)
- Forward cargo door opens with engines running
- CDU hold button
- Some modifications to ND
- Renamed EFB nosewheel settings for clarity
- VS/FPA conversion
- Updated textures and normalmaps

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