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Magknight Releases New Engine Variant and CDU Improvements for 787

Magknight 787 is not known for being the most accurate depiction of the original aircraft, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Nonetheless, the developers are continuously working on the addon, and have yesterday released a new major update, bringing the aircraft to v1.8.

It brings a number of long-awaited features to the recently released 787-8 variant, which wasn’t initially as detailed as the original 787-9. Owners of the 787 for X-Plane can now enjoy a completely new flight model, new engine variant (Trent 1000-G3), and reworked FMOD sounds for the 787-8 variant of the long-haul aircraft.

For both variants (-8;-9), the developers have added new custom CDU pages. Custom FMC (part of the CDU) is probably the most-anticipated feature Magknight is currently working on. With v1.8 of the addon, we can now enjoy three new custom CDU pages and various visual improvements to achieve better authenticity. Unfortunately, no custom FMC just yet.

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  • Added NAV RAD and POS INIT/REF CDU pages
  • Custom IRS/AHRU simulation
  • Added CDU button highlights
  • Added CDU help box
  • Added custom nav radio simulation
  • Added new CDU graphics

Along with a bunch of small other fixes and optional Avitab integration, Magknight has introduced a completely reworked ND displays adding a number of components authentic to the real counterpart.

  • Added custom PFD minimap, including TCAS
  • Added DU startup sequence
  • Added MFD screen popups
  • Added ND/minimap turn rate indicator
  • Added new custom moveable ND, including, terrain, weather and TCAS views
  • Added PFD ADF visuals
  • Changed MFD keyboard entry to not require focused components
  • Increased ND max range to 1280nm

If you own the addon, the update is already available to you. You can update it either through the Skunkcrafts Updater or by simply downloading the files from the X-Plane.org Store.

If you want to purchase the addon, you can do so through the X-Plane.org Store for $55.95 when not discounted.

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